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Book list – All Students 2023 Spring


Spring 2023 SYLLABI


Administrative Law Izquieta Syllabus Spring 2023

Bankruptcy Hayes Syllabus Spring 2023 v2

BBS Sec A&B Syllabus Spring 2023_Final

Business Associations Hendricks Syllabus Spring 2023 – WK 1-4

Business Associations 234B Hayes Syllabus Spring 2023 v2

Business Law Ethics Godeke Syllabus Spring 2023

CFAL Ohashi Syllabus Spring 2023

Civil_Procedure_II Koppel Sec A&B Syllabus Spring 2023


 Civil_Procedure_II Schindler Syllabus Spring 2023

CJE Porter Syllabus Spring 2023

Constitutional_Law_II Brower Syllabus Spring 2023

Constitutional_Law_II Sobel Syllabus Spring 2023

Contracts Drafting Shube Syllabus Spring 2023


Contracts_II Arshagouni Syllabus Spring 2023

Contracts_II Hendricks Syllabus Spring 2023 – WK 1-4

Criminal Procedure Jones Syllabus Spring 2023

Criminal Procedure Sec B Mellas Syllabus Spring 2023

Criminal_Law Sobel Syllabus Spring 2023


Domestic_Violence Foxx Syllabus Spring 2023

Evidence Molko Syllabus Spring 2023

Evidence_Practice Menninger Syllabus Spring 2023

Externship_Seminar_Civil Kelly Syllabus Spring 2023

Family_Law McKeown Syllabus Spring 2023


Federal_Income_Tax Stanley Syllabus Spring 2023

ILM Boatman Syllabus Spring 2023

Immigration_Law Mitchell Syllabus Spring 2023

Intellectual_Property Jafari Syllabus Spring 2023

Interviewing_and_Counseling Camacho Syllabus Spring 2023


Law of Vice Jones Syllabus Spring 2023

LWR_I Khan Syllabus Spring 2023

LWR_II Sec_A1&B1 Khan Syllabus Spring 2023

LWR_II Sec_A2&B2 Baghramian Syllabus Spring 2023

LWR_II Sec_B3 Roberts Syllabus Spring 2023

LWR_II Sec_C Elkin Syllabus Spring 2023


Mediation Bogosian Syllabus Spring 2023

Medical_Malpractice Merkel Syllabus Spring 2023

Negotiations 463A Smith Spring 2023

Negotiations 463B Smith Spring 2023

Pre-Trial_Civil_Lit Hong Syllabus Spring 2023


Property I Keller Syllabus Spring 2023

Property I Sheppard Syllabus Spring 2023

Remedies Boutaleb Syllabus Spring 2023

Remedies Schindler Syllabus Spring 2023

Torts II Syllabus Keller Sec. C s23


Torts_II Park SecA&B Syllabus Spring 2023

Trial_Practice-Civil Shapiro Syllabus Spring 2023

Trial_Practice-Criminal Brown Syllabus Spring 2023

Wills_and_Estates_Drafting Ulibarri Syllabus Spring 2023

Workers Compensation Garcia Syllabus Spring 2023

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Spring 2020

Book list – All Students 2020 Spring

Admin Law Syllabus – Chavez – Spring 2020

Bankruptcy – Hayes – Syllabus Spring 2020

Business Associations – Hendricks – Syllabus Spring 2020

Business Law Ethics – Godeke – Spring 2020 Syllabus

Civil Procedure II – Koppel – Spring 2020 Syllabus

Con Law II – Sobel – Syllabus Spring 2020

ConLaw II – Brower – Spring 2020 Syllabus

Contracts Drafting-Shube-Spring2020-syllabus

Corporate Criminal Liability – Lim – Class Syllabus (2020 Semester)

Corporate Finance and Accounting for Lawyers Syllabus – Ohashi – Spring 2020

Crim_Pro – Spr20-Syllabus-Jones

Criminal Justice Ethics – Porter – Spring 2020 SYLLABUS


Domestic Violence – Syllabus Spring 2020 – Woesner

Evidence 213B – Molko – Syllabus Spring 2020

Evidence Practice – Koppel – Spring 2020 Syllabus

Family Law 437A Torres Spring 2020 Syllabus

Federal Income Taxation_Syllabus_Lopez, Star – Spring 2020

Immigration Law – Sharp – Spring 2020 Syllabus

Intellectual Property-442A-Jafari-Spring 2020 Syllabus

Interviewing and Counseling Syllabus – Izquieta – Spring 2020

Mediation – Carey – 2020 Spring Syllabus

Negotiations Syllabus Spring 2020 – Smith

Property I – Sheppard – Syllabus Spring 2020

Real Estate Transactions – Sheppard – Syllabus Spring 2020

Sales – Roberts Spring 2020 Syllabus

SOGIE – Brower – Spring 2020

Torts I – Keller – syllabus Spring 2020

Trial Practice Syllabus — Spring 2020 – Kim

Vice-Syllabus- Jones -Spr20


Fall 2020









































Spring 2021

Book list – All Students 2021 Spring


Admin Law Chavez Syllabus Spring 2021

Bankruptcy Hayes Syllabus Spring2021

BBS Syllabus Spring 2021 Essay and MBE

Business Associations – Hendricks – Syllabus Spring2021 – v1.0

Business Law Ethics – Godeke – Syllabus – Spring2021

CFAL Ohashi Syllabus Spring2021v2


CLE 619A – PORTER-Syllabus-Spring2021

ConLaw2 – Brower – Syllabus – Spring2021

Contracts 2 – Brower – Syllabus – Spring2021

Contracts Drafting 423A -Shube–Spring21-syllabus

Contracts I Arshagouni Syllabus Spring2021

Crim Law Sobel Syllabus Spring2021

Crim Pro Sobel Syllabus Spring2021


Evidence 213B Syllabus Molko Spring 2021

Family Law 437A Torres Spring 2021 Syllabus

Federal Income Taxation_Syllabus_Lopez_Spring2021

ILM Bolus Syllabus Spring2021

Intellectual Property-442A-Jafari-Spring 2021 Syllabus

Interviewing and Counseling Rivera Syllabus Spring2021

Juvenile Law – Jones – Syllabus-Spring2021

Law of Vice – Jones – Syllabus-Spring2021

LWR I – Spring2021 – Syllabus – Plaxton

LWR II – Spring 2021 – Syllabus – Baghramian

LWR II spring 2021 Syllabus – Roberts

LWR II Spring 2021 Syllabus KHAN


Negotiations 363A Smith Syllabus Spring2021

Property I A Keller Syllabus Spring 2021

Property I Sheppard Syllabus Spring2021

Real Estate Transactions Sheppard Syllabus Spring2021

Remedies Kono Syllabus Spring 2021

Remedies Sheppard Syllabus Spring2021

Sales – Reuben – Spring 2021 Syllabus

Torts 2 Keller Syllabus Spring 2021

Torts II Syllabus – Spring 2021 – Merkel

Trial Practice – Kim – Syllabus – Spring 2021



Archived Syllabi

Spring 2022


Book list – All Students 2022 Spring



BBS Syllabus Spring 2022 Essay and MBE_Final

Business Associations Syllabus Hendricks Spring 2022

CFAL Syllabus Ohashi Spring 2022

Civ Pro II Syllabus Koppel sections A&B Spring 2022

Civ Pro II Syllabus Koppel sections C Spring 2022

CJE Syllabus Porter Spring 2022

Con Law II Syllabus Brower Spring 2022

Con Law II Syllabus Sobel Spring 2022

Contracts Drafting Syllabus Shube Spring 2022

 Contracts I Syllaus Brower Spring 2022

Contracts II Syllabus Arshagouni Spring 2022

Corporate Criminal Liability Syllabus Lim Spring 2022

Crim Law Syllabus Sobel Spring 2022

Crim Pro Syllabus Jones Spring 2022

Domestic Violence Syllabus Foxx Spring 2022

Evidence 213B Syllabus Molko Spring 2022

Externship_Civil Syllabus Kelly Spring 2022

Externship_Criminal Syllabus Molko Spring 2022

Family Law 437A -R. Izquieta-Syllabus-Fall 2022

Federal Income Taxation Syllabus Lopez Spring 2022

ILM Syllabus Bolus Spring 2022

Immigration Law Syllabus Mithcell Spring 2022

Intellectual Property Syllabus Jafari Spring 2022

Law of Vice Syllabus Jones Spring 2022

LWR I Syllabus Khan Spring 2022

LWR II Sec C Syllabus Khan Spring 2022

LWR II Syllabus Baghramian Spring 2022

LWR II Syllabus Boatman Spring 2022

LWR II Syllabus Roberts Spring 2022

Mediation Syllabus Carey Spring 2022

Medical Malpractice Syllabus Merkel Spring 2022

Negotiations Syllabus Smith Spring 2022

Property I Syllabus Keller Spring 2022

Property I Syllabus Sheppard Spring 2022

Race and American Law Syllabus Gotanda Spring 2022

Remedies Syllabus Kono Spring 2022

Torts II Sec A&C Syllabus Park Spring 2022

Torts II Syllabus Keller Spring 2022

Trial Practice Syllabus Brown Spring 2022

Trial Practice Syllabus Kim Spring 2022




Archived Syllabi

Fall 2022


Book list – All Students 2022 Fall



Advanced Appellate Advocacy Roberts Syllabus Fall 2022

Advanced Trial Advocacy Molko-Brown Syllabus Fall 2022

BBS-Essay and MBE Shah Syllabus Fall 2022

Business Associations Hendricks Syllabus Fall 2022 – v9.0

Business Law Ethics Godeke Syllabus Fall 2022

California Civil Procedure Izquieta Syllabus Fall 2022

CFAL Ohashi Syllabus Fall 2022

Civ Pro I Koppel Syllabus Fall 2022

Civ Pro I Schindler Syllabus Fall 2022

Civil Procedure Section 141 B – Easley – Syllabus Fall 2022

Community Property Blonska Syllabus Fall 2022

Community Property McKeown Syllabus Fall 2022

Con Law I Brower Syllabus Fall 2022

Con Law I Sobel Syllabus Fall 2022

Contracts Drafting Shube Syllabus Fall 2022

Contracts I Arshagouni Syllabus Fall 2022

Contracts I Hendricks Syllabus Fall 2022 v1.1

Criminal Justice Ethics Porter Syllabus Fall 2022

Criminal Law Brown Syllabus Fall 2022

Criminal Law Jones Syllabus Fall 2022

Criminal Law Sobel Syllabus Fall 2022

Criminal Procedure Jones Syllabus Fall 2022

Death Penalty Porter Syllabus Fall 2022 Syllabus FINAL

Estates Sheppard Syllabus Fall 2022

Evidence 213B Molko Syllabus Fall 2022

Evidence Koppel Syllabus Fall 2022

Externship-Civil Kelly Syllabus Fall 2022 v2

Externship-Criminal Syllabus Molko Fall 2022

Health Law Arshagouni Syllabus Fall 2022

Honors Writing Eggleston Syllabus Fall 2022

ILM Syllabus Fall 2022

LWR I – Section C – Syllabus FALL 2022

LWR I – Sections A&B – Syllabus FALL 2022

LWR II – Syllabus Fall 2022

Mediation Hong Syllabus Fall 2022

Negotiations Smith Syllabus Fall 2022

Patent Drafting Jafari Syllabus Fall 2022

Pre-Trial Criminal Litigation Menninger Syllabus Fall 2022

Professional Responsibility Foxx Syllabus Fall 2022

Property II Keller Syllabus Fall 2022

Property II Sheppard Syllabus Fall 2022 v2

Sales Feig Syllabus Fall 2022

Sales Mellas Syllabus Fall 2022

Tort I Park Syllabus Fall 2022

Torts I Keller Sec C Syllabus Fall 2022

Trial Practice Ito Syllabus Fall 2022

Trial Practice Zeltzer Syllabus Fall 2020


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