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Tuition and Fees

Below are the tuition rates for 2021-2022:

Full Time:

  • Units: 12-16
  • Fall 2021: $21,430
  • Spring 2022: $21,430
  • Academic Year Total: $42,860

*Full-time students enrolling in an overload and taking more than 16 units per semester will be charged the full-time tuition of $21,430 per semester and an additional $1,433 for each unit above 16 taken during the semester.

Part Time:

  • Units: 1-10
  • Fall 2021: $14,330
  • Spring 2022: $14,330
  • Academic Year Total: $28,660

*Part-time students enrolling in an overload and taking an 11th unit during the semester will be charged part-time tuition of $14,330 per semester plus $1,433 for the additional unit taken during the semester.

*Students in their final fall or spring semester may petition to pay only the “per-unit” rate of $1,433 per unit taken if enrolled in less than 8 units in order to complete their unit requirements.

*The tuition rate for summer 2021 courses will be $1,433 per unit.

In addition, each student will be assessed the following non-refundable fees each semester:

  • Registration fee: $50

Other miscellaneous non-refundable fees include:

  • Application fee: $60
  • Graduation fee: $50
  • Diploma fee: $20
  • Diploma replacement fee: $25
  • Late payment fee: $25
  • Late registration fee: $100
  • Returned check fee: $25
  • Transcript fee: $7

Western State College of Law at Westcliff University reserves the right to change tuition and/or fees at any time. To see the full Tuition & Fee Rate memo (including student health insurance), please click here.


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