Memes have been around for decades, and the internet has made them even more popular and easy to share. A meme is defined as capturing an idea or behavior that spreads from person to person within a culture. If you want a further study distraction, you can check out the full history behind them.

Memes can bring humor to a lot of topics and entertain viewers. Because law school has earned a reputation for being demanding, we wanted to lighten the mood with some of our favorite law school memes.

Keep Calm Study Hard

Graduating with your J.D. is no small feat. The American Bar Association requires each “credit hour” to normally include not less than one hour of classroom or direct faculty instruction and two hours of out-of-class student work per week. Check out these five study tips to help you succeed in law school. If you need help keeping calm, we have you covered too with these four tips to manage your mental health.


Favorite Part Law School

At Western State, many of our faculty bring their backgrounds as practicing attorneys to the classroom. Through skill simulations, real world cases and guest speakers, they teach students the real-life version of the law in addition to theory and doctrine. Therefore, we wouldn’t be surprised if homework was also your favorite part of school!



Lawyer Better be Awesome

One of our favorite TV lawyers, Marshall Eriksen from “How I Met Your Mother,” showed how many hours really went into studying for law. But he did end up with a great job at the end! We would say those Friday night study hours were well worth it. Also, dare we say, being a lawyer is awesome.



Life of Law Student


Ever try explaining what law school is like to friends and family? This meme probably resonates with you! Everyone has a different idea of what law school is like. While we don’t recommend napping on your books, we do think that law school can be a little bit of all of these.



Watched Law and Order

Looking for an easy way to cram for your next exam or mock trial competition? Tuning into Law & Order can help you get excited, however, we don’t recommend it as an actual study tool.


What About the Bar Exam


This is one of our favorites! Finishing law school is a huge accomplishment and a time for celebration. But right after you have reveled in your success, you are back to the grind preparing for the bar exam. Don’t worry…We have your back. At Western State our curriculum is designed to prepare graduates to take the bar. We also have resources on campus to help students post-graduation.





Totally a Lawyer
That feeling you get when you graduate from Western State. We look forward to staying in touch with our alumni to see how they use their law degree to make a difference.



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