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Visiting Applicants

Visiting applicants are students from other ABA approved law schools and most California Bar Examiner-approved law schools (if WASC accredited), who wish to take classes with us for one or two terms, with the permission of their law school.


What to Submit

  1. Application – We only accept electronic applications submitted through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC).
  2. Letter of Permission – A letter from the dean or registrar of the law school you are attending indicating that you are in good standing, that there are no disciplinary actions pending or currently on file, and granting approval to take the desired course(s) at Western State. The letter must also indicate which semester(s) the applicant has permission to attend.
  3. Transcript – Submit an official transcript of your completed law school coursework to Western State.


Financial Aid

Students from other law schools who have been accepted as a visiting student at Western State (receiving their JD degree from their home institution), and who need financial aid to meet their educational costs, must arrange with their home institution for the processing of their financial aid. Please remember that Western State will not process any financial aid for the visiting student. The student’s home institution may forward the financial aid proceeds to our Financial Aid Office to be applied toward the student’s Western State tuition and fee charges or may send proceeds directly to the student. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at (714) 459-1119 to arrange for tuition payment and applicable deadlines.



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