Law school has a longstanding reputation for being demanding. Law students explore rigorous subjects and learn to analyze and communicate about significant facts to prepare for the real world. It requires a lot of time and work to be successful.

At Western State, we hold our students to high standards, but we also have resources to support them every step of the way. You don’t have to do it all on your own. In fact, we believe leveraging resources around you is important to your success as a law school student.

Western State’s Academic Support Department is one of the many resources available to support our students from the day they start classes all the way through their bar exam. The Academic Support Department is led by a team of faculty members dedicated to your success. These faculty members stay with students throughout their entire law school journey. Here are some of the ways this department can help:

  • Introduction to Legal Methods: All Western State law students take an introduction to legal methods course with one of the department’s professors during the first year of law school. This class sets the foundation for law school and allows you to focus on practical skills that will be used throughout your law school courses and beyond. It includes how to read cases and prepare briefings, legal analysis skills, exam techniques, writing and organizational skills and developing professional values. These classes are small and collaborative to ensure you have the support needed to get off on the right foot.
  • Dean’s Fellows: At Western State, you have the opportunity to work with peers who are currently 2L and 3L students. These individuals have been selected because of their demonstrated academic achievements and commitment to the law school community. Student mentors are available for walk-in assistance and advice and can provide guidance on a variety of topics, from sharing study tips to helping find necessary resources. We select a variety of fellows to provide students access to individuals who have taken similar courses or are interested in a comparable area of law.
  • Workshops: The Academic Support Department offers workshops throughout the year that are accessible to all students. The workshops provide opportunities for you to get further insight and feedback on key areas throughout your law school journey. For example, one workshop allows you to better prepare for the ethics exam by taking a practice test.
  • All Student Access Portal: In collaboration with the law school library, the student access portal ensures you have access to all the material you need. The portal incorporates supplements, resources and guides referenced in class by professors. It also includes study aids and practice materials that you can access whenever you need, without an appointment.
  • Bar Exam Support: All students at Western State take a bar exam prep course during the last semester of their law school journey. The course is designed to allow you to work through actual simulation bar exam questions and receive feedback to prepare for the exam. In fact, Western State doesn’t stop supporting you just because you have graduated. You will still have post-graduation access to bar exam prep faculty resources and support.

If you are interested in experiencing a law school class, check out our recent webinar “Succeeding in Law School with Mock Law School Class.” This simulation course allows you to practice identifying legally significant facts and explaining why they are significant, as well as learn more about the resources and support options available at Western State.