The Student Bar Association (SBA) at Western State is an overarching student organization providing participants opportunity to develop leadership skills and serve the community. The association also plays a pivotal role in communicating and advocating on behalf of the general student body with the dean and faculty committees. All students are automatically part of the association, although individuals can choose to grow their involvement in a variety of ways, whether serving on the board or helping plan and host events throughout the year. Participating in an organization can help enhance the California law school experience and set students up for success post-graduation.

The Student Bar Association is committed to creating an engaging campus environment. A few past events include a welcome back event for the start of the year and a “Meet The Clubs” event showcasing all active organizations to familiarize students and encourage engagement. They also organize Mental Health Day events, bar reviews and a public service week. The Student Bar Association is also responsible for the Barristers’ Ball, an annual gala to celebrate the culmination of the year.

western state student bar association ozzy penaThis association is supported by a faculty advisor and represented by a committee of current students voted in and appointed to their respective positions. Individuals include:

  • Ozzy Peña, president, part-time 3L
  • Ryan Assady, vice president, part -time 3L
  • Callie Yu, secretary, 2L
  • Alexxandra Nevarez, treasurer, 2L
  • Megan Khorashadi and Yasmina Batakji, 1L representatives
  • Nico Sanches and Kevin Harris, 2L representatives
  • Joseph Massey, 3L representative
  • Jessica Rizk, social chair, 1L

As president, Ozzy Peña oversees the association, including the executive committee and all sub-committees. With a long commute to and from campus every day, he was looking for an opportunity to build deeper connections with his peers and the surrounding community. The friendships and sense of purpose he received by creating a positive impact was a driving factor that led to his interest in taking on a leadership role and growing the Western State SBA chapter.

western state university student-bar association committee

Those interested in helping the committee or taking on a leadership role can reach out to Donna at or contact the SBA directly via email at


western state student bar association eventThe Student Bar Association, along with other student organizations can help enhance the law school experience for students. To learn more about the organizations on campus, visit: