As you approach graduation, it can feel stressful and overwhelming to begin the search for the ideal job. Networking can be a great tool to help you learn about different law firms and practices, as well as open the door to potential opportunities. From leveraging LinkedIn to the career development department, there are numerous resources to take advantage of as you graduate and prepare to enter the workforce.

Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Utilize the career development department
  2. Our career development center offers current students and alumni career counseling and assistance throughout every stage of the job seeking process. Connecting with the career center early can help keep you on track with detailed checklists for updating your resume and attending events throughout law school. In addition, signing up for Symplicity, an online job database for students and alumni, lets you review job openings and share your profile with prospective employers.

  3. Connect with your professors
  4. Developing relationships with your professors is not only helpful to your success as a student but can be valuable for the post-grad job search. With Western State’s longstanding history in Southern California, it is deeply ingrained in the local legal community with a strong network of judges and attorneys. More so, our professors bring real world experience and often have connections to and relationships with professionals in the community who may be aware of jobs, employers or alumni who are able to help in your job search.

  5. Attend career-focused events
  6. Events hosted by the career development center provide great opportunities to hone in on your interviewing and negotiation skills. Certain networking events also allow you to connect with alumni or employers.

    Networking events and career fairs can provide unique opportunities to connect with alumni and professionals in the community. Introducing yourself to the attendees and presenters and connecting with them by email or on LinkedIn can be a great way to build your professional network.

  7. Reach out on LinkedIn
  8. Network with ProfessorsLinkedIn is a powerful networking tool that is utilized by many business professionals across a variety of industries. Keeping your profile up-to-date and following law firms and practices can help surface opportunities, as well as make it easier for potential employers to find you. In addition, we recommend you join the Western State College of Law Alumni Network page, as this allows you to connect and network with peers, as well as post and view job opportunities, events or create discussions.

Networking is instrumental in building connections with professionals in your industry and can be an integral part of the job application process. Take advantage of the power of networking, especially before you enter the workforce, to support your job search and open the door to landing your ideal job.