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Like the society we serve, our community includes persons from a variety of social circumstances, and our mission commits us to the pursuit of diversity. We are individuals, each different from the other, gathered for a common purpose. Together we create an environment for the study of law and for training in lawyering skills. We strive to offer each person among us the opportunity to develop her or his powers to the fullest. Barriers to the development of any hold us all back.

Mutual understanding, reciprocal support, and tolerance are the enabling conditions for the full and equal participation of all. But bias and mistrust undermine these conditions, and misunderstanding among us has deep historical roots. To achieve an environment permeated by a sense of justice and inclusion we must actively encourage each person’s contribution. Furthermore, because we prepare students for participation in a self-governing profession, we strive to rid the practice of law of prejudice.

Freedom of expression is essential not only to mutual understanding, but also to our common pursuit of learning and self-development. Within the limits imposed by time and place and respect for one another, we recognize the right of anyone to express any idea and to disagree with another’s point of view.

We reject acts of discrimination and intimidation. The personal security of members of our community is inviolable. Freedom from insults, threats, assaults, or violence is a precondition of our association with one another. We will not tolerate such behaviors and especially resolve to confront acts of incivility that discriminate or degrade.

We cherish the diversity of our community and resolve to celebrate our differences for they are our most precious resource. Because we choose to be here to comprise the Western State College of Law community, we accept these values as a condition of our working and learning at the College of Law.

The mission of Western State College of Law at Westcliff University is to provide the highest quality legal education, based on an innovative program of studies designed to develop the tools of careful legal analysis and to foster a broad understanding of the law, law practice, and legal theory. The College of Law emphasizes the study and practice of lawyering skills required for the ethical, skillful, and professional practice of law and is particularly committed to meeting the education needs of those who seek to practice in small to medium law offices, corporate law departments and governmental and other public service settings. To further its mission, the College of Law will pursue student and faculty diversity, both to enhance the educational program of the school and to address important needs of the legal profession and of society as a whole.

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