Professor of Law, Emeritus


J.D., University of Illinois, College of Law
M.A., University of Virginia
B.A., University of Illinois, Chicago


Torts I and II


Professor Merkel is published in a remarkably wide range of subjects. His scholarship, along with his extensive experience as a practicing attorney, inform his classroom teaching.

Professor Merkel came to Western State from the University of Virginia School of Law where he co-directed the Legal Research and Writing Program for several years. Earlier he served as managing attorney for the Georgia Legal Services Program, Savannah Regional Office. In this capacity, he directed a large attorney and paralegal staff in providing legal assistance to indigents in an eight-county area in southeast Georgia. In law school, he served as a research assistant for the National Clearinghouse for Criminal Justice

Planning and Architecture and as managing editor of the Recent Decisions section of the Illinois Bar Journal.

Professor Merkel has tried cases in state and federal courts and has represented clients before appellate courts in California and Georgia. His writings have been cited in appellate court briefs and decisions.


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