Assistant Professor of Lawyering Skills



B.S., Ecology & Evolution, University of California, Santa Cruz
J.D., University of San Diego School of Law


Introduction to Legal Methods


Professor Dean is passionate about academic success and helping law students gain academic skills that will help them in law school, during bar preparation, and beyond. In the classroom and during individual instruction, Professor Dean fosters a growth-orientated and supportive environment for law students and bar takers to thrive.

Professor Dean previously served as an Adjunct Professor, Director of Academic Success and Bar Programs, and LSAT Instructor at a law school in Southern California. She has taught Legal Analysis, Fundamentals of Bar Exam Writing, and LSAT Preparation courses, and has created and taught academic success and bar preparation workshops to pre-law students, law students, and recent graduates. She also runs an LSAT preparation tutoring business in San Diego.

Prior to joining higher education, Professor Dean investigated civil securities fraud cases, volunteered as a pro-bono attorney at a domestic violence clinic, and was a Staff Attorney at the San Diego Family Justice Center Foundation. Prior to law school, Professor Dean served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic as an Environmental Awareness Education Promoter.