Professor of Law



J.D., Loyola University School of Law
B.A., California State University, Dominguez Hills


Property I and II


A veteran of several high-level in-house counsel positions with a number of title insurance companies, Professor Sheppard is an authority on business and real estate transaction matters, as well as student life issues.

Professor Sheppard has served Western State since 1980, as an adjunct faculty member before becoming associate professor. He has taught at several colleges and universities. Professor Sheppard was vice president and counsel to several title companies before opening his own practice. Professor Sheppard is a past chairperson of the legislative committee of the Business Law Section of the California State Bar Association and prior member of the Legislative and Forms and Practices Committee of the California Land Title Association. Professor Sheppard is also a member of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and the Secretary of the San Diego-Imperial Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America, Inc.


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