Class of 2010

Since graduating in 2010, I am running my own firm, Hackler Flynn & Associates. I currently have 8 employees and my firm focuses primarily on employment law, commercial litigation and corporate law. I love going to WSU events and keeping engaged with Western State. In fact, I’ve hired two WSU law students to help me with my practice.

My advice: Network as much as you can and have fun with it, who you know is almost more important than what you know. Also, have realistic expectations when you come out of law school. You may not have your dream job when you graduate but it will provide you with the skills and knowledge you ultimately need to advance in your career so try not discount it because it isn’t perfect. I’m not suggesting you take any job, but if it starts you in the direction you ultimately want to go, seriously consider taking it. I know I did and now I look back on the path I took and even some of the most random jobs, networking events, and internships, have led me to amazing opportunities and invaluable contacts that I would not have had otherwise.