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Summary of COVID Protocols for In Person Instruction
May 31, 2022

The following briefly summarizes the main points of Western State’s COVID Protocols:

  • Booster requirement: Effective February 14, 2022, faculty, staff and students who enter the campus must not only demonstrate that they have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (two shots of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, or one shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine), but also that they have received a booster shot, unless they are not yet eligible for a booster shot, or they have been granted an exemption from the vaccination requirement. Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson & Johnson booster shots will satisfy this requirement, regardless of which vaccine was first received.
  • Booster eligibility: Individuals who received two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine are eligible for a booster shot five months after receiving their second dose of those vaccines. Individuals who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are eligible for a booster shot two months after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
  • Smartphone CLEAR app and verifying receipt of booster shot: The same CLEAR app which WSCL used in fall 2021 to allow individuals to verify their vaccination status will be used to verify booster status. Your vaccine record, including booster shots, may be obtained in QR code format from The QR code may be scanned into the CLEAR app at the “Add COVID-19 vaccination” screen. Once the vaccination and booster information is verified by the CLEAR app it will produce the green screen you need to gain access to the WSCL campus. If you have already uploaded your vaccination record to the CLEAR app and you are not yet eligible to obtain a booster shot, the CLEAR app will continue to give you a green screen until you become eligible for a booster, at which point it will require proof of a booster shot to continue to receive a green screen.
  • Reporting requirements: If you have tested positive, developed COVID symptoms, or were exposed to someone who tests positive, you must report this information immediately on the Google form linked below and follow the current CDC isolation and quarantine requirements.
  • Current CDC isolation and quarantine requirements:
    • If you test positive: Regardless of vaccination status you should isolate for five days or until symptoms are resolved.
    • If you are symptomatic: Regardless of vaccination status you should get tested and isolate. If you test positive see above. If you test negative, stay home until symptoms resolve.
    • If you are exposed to someone who tests positive for Covid: If you are boosted, test at day five. You need not quarantine or isolate unless you test positive or develop symptoms.
    • If you are not boosted and are exposed to someone who tests positive for Covid: Quarantine for five days, test on day five. Isolate if you test positive or develop symptoms.
    • Reporting form:
  • Masks: WSCL has lifted its mask requirement, effective April 1, 2022. However, masks are strongly recommended in all indoor spaces, particularly for individuals who have COVID risk factors. Additionally, there may be some classes where professors continue to require everyone in the room to wear masks. We expect students to adhere to those class-specific requirements, just as they would any other requirements individual faculty members might impose on their classes. High quality disposable masks will be available in the classrooms for any students who forget to bring their masks. WSCL may decide to reinstitute a campus-wide mask requirement should circumstances warrant it.
  • Mask quality: When wearing a mask, as a matter of choice or by mandate, the ease of transmission of the omicron variant makes it important to wear a mask that provides acceptable levels of protection, both for the wearer and those around the wearer, and to wear these masks properly so they fit snuggly covering the mouth and nose. The following are acceptable masks:
    • Acceptable types of upgraded masks include:
      • Medical-grade procedure masks
      • Surgical masks
      • Cloth masks as an extra layer on top of medical-grade or surgical masks
      • KN95s and KF94s
      • N95s or other respirators approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
  • Exemption requests: Exemptions from vaccination requirements are limited to documented medical reasons (severe allergy to the vaccine components) or sincere religious beliefs.
    • If you are a new student and wish to seek an exemption you must fill out an exemption request form, which will be delivered automatically to the Senior Assistant Dean for Student Services for decision. The form may be accessed here:
    • For those who have already received an exemption from the vaccine requirement from the Senior Assistant Dean for Student Services you need not apply for an additional exemption from the booster requirement.
    • If you are already vaccinated you may not seek an exemption from the booster requirement.
    • Having contracted COVID-19 is not grounds for obtaining an exemption from either the vaccination or booster requirements.
  • Weekly negative COVID test for those granted an exemption from vaccination: Faculty, staff and students who are granted an exemption from the vaccination and booster requirement must provide, at their own expense, proof when entering the campus of a negative COVID-19 test taken within the last week. At home COVID test results will not be accepted.
  • Visitors: Visitors to the campus should contact the department they wish to visit in advance of their visit to inquire about COVID protocols. At a minimum visitors will be required to undergo a temperature check and answer specific COVID protocol questions.
  • International travelers: International travelers must follow CDC guidelines on vaccination, testing and quarantining for a safe return to campus. CDC International Travel Guidelines
  • No fully online option: It will not be possible for a student to enroll for a semester in exclusively online classes.
  • Future changes: This policy is subject to change should future developments in the pandemic warrant change.
  • Violations: Violations of this policy by a student will subject the student to charges under the Honor Code. Violations of this policy by faculty or staff will subject the violator to appropriate administrative sanctions.

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