Academic Program Overview

Your legal career starts in law school and Western State College of Law faculty and staff take an active personal interest in your professional development. We provide individual guidance and access to a wide range of exciting opportunities in the field to help you find your legal niche, develop your skills and strengths, build your resume and prepare for placement.
Exposure to real world legal settings, practical experience, invaluable contacts with alumni and other practitioners will assist you in the transition to the job market and throughout your professional career. Engaging in special programs such as the Immigration Clinic, Business Law Center, Criminal Law Practice Center, Externships, Law Review, Moot Court, Mock Trial, or Negotiations will develop your practical lawyering skills and help you gain hands-on experience to enhance your professional profile. By earning a certificate in Family, Real Estate, Business, Criminal or Immigration Law, you can demonstrate extra preparation and focus in your area of specialty to potential employers.

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